November 3, 2009

Let's Talk Movies

First, a set of haikus for the worst movies I've seen over the last few months:

film: the proposal
misogynistic and
not at all funny

movie: l-o-l
(french, not american), much
like thirteen. dumber.

film: the ugly truth
the ugly truth about this
was forgettable

transformers second
had a helicopter fly
into a sunset

terminator four
where was the plot to the film?
seriously, where?

seventeen again
five syllable title, wow
so, best of the bunch?

ashton kutcher's spread,
you took a seventies feel
and made it rom-com

the goods, e-t-c.,
jeremy piven. but it
sure wasn't funny

(how can i work in
mercury poisoning jokes
while i talk about it?)
the lady eve's great
but that's no reason not to
make it a haiku

1 comment:

Ben said...

The transformers one is the best.