November 3, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Rum Runners (Dueling Piano Bar)

Rum Runners 

601 E. Michigan Avenue  
Lansing, Michigan   48912

You may find yourself sitting in a noisy room
You may find yourself on Michigan Ave.
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a small mug of beer,
You may find yourself in a piano bar, with your friend and his finance
You may ask me: well... Matt, how did you get here?

If you know me, and many of you don't (maybe we could hangout sometime), you know of my aversion to pointlessly loud music, karaoke and A Capella groups. One would think that this aversion would extend to dueling piano bars, and normally it does. Normally, Dueling Piano Bars make me want to do rude things, like stick my fingers in my ears and sing obscure mash ups of obscure songs, but Rum Runners didn't make me want to do that.

If you go, I suggest that you take the most normal friends that you have, that you drink before hand and that you get an idea of what kind of songs you want to request. For instance, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" was well received while Atlas Sound's "Kid Kilmax" was not (I was laughed at). Don't go thinking that you will be able to talk to your normal friends, that is out of the question, you should have had enough where you feel comfortable singing along or you need to have a few more. Don't go to the dance club downstairs. 
2.0, +.1 for having the dueling piano player with the mind of an incoherent Bob Sagat, +.05 for service, +.07 for selection, -.02 for cover.
2.2 units out of 4

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