December 29, 2009

The Beginning of the End: Top 5 Harbingers from 2009

O.K. folks we have only a few more days left and my coliuges and I haven't even started thinking about our lists from 2009. This first list is comprised of things that were cool in '09 but will not be cool in '010.

1. "500 Days of Summer" drops Zooey Deschanel from the hearts of many film buffs and from the ranks of '010 crushes. There is a bangs shaped hole in my heart. Other actresses that I am over include; Kristian Whig, Jenna Fisher (Pam, "The Office") and Jordana Spiro ("My Boys").  

2. The bacon craze is at a roaring boil and may stay there for a while, but Pork (with a capital 'p'), will not. As hipsters grow more fond of Midwestern '80's (1880's) fashion and lifestyle they will begin to see beyond the Pork horizon. Sure its cheep, but once you get past the, devil-may-care Lard Rebel irony, what have you got? Another white meat.  Be on the look out in '010 for hand made pasta, beef and poultry.

3. Saying '010

4. The waining of nostalgia/ironic driven tastes and humor. I love looking at the past for ideas about the future as much as the next guy, but wearing a pair of moon boots as irony shouldn't pass as edgy. Also pawning off a "Thunder Cats"  reference (or any other media over 10 years old) as an inside joke should no longer drive the humor-machine of any show. The qualifier "should" in both of those sentences is a realization on my part that neither one of these wishes will come true. I'm coming for you Psyc.

4. Mac vs. PC. No-one cares anymore, stop telling your accountant uncle that he needs to buy a Mac. What does he need a Mac for? A headache, thats all it will give him.

5. Big cities. Sure you don't make very much money outside of them, but it doesn't cost $12 for a drink. 2010 will be the year of mid-sized cities, such as Cincinnati, Kansas City, Grand Rapids, Louisville and Baltimore.

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