December 15, 2009

Monday Bar Review: Tavern on the Square

206 S. Washington Sq.,
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 374-5555

After you sauce yourself up at home and begin taking your weekly walk around Washington Square to jeer at the people studying in Cooley Law, take a minute to duck into 'Tavern on the Square (TS).' Owned by the folks that brought us 'Troppo' and the least frequented bar in East Lansing 'The Post;' TS fits right in. The only difference between TS and the others is that it is popular, but this isn't a review of those bars.

When you duck in from your jeering, put your hat and gloves in your jacket and look around. Now go back outside, thats right your still in Lansing Michigan. As we say in da Yoop, "Holy Wah this is better than Tivo's camp." And that expression holds no more sway than here, at the bar with with George Washington on the front.

So what have we learned about 'Tavern on the Square' from these last two paragraphs? First we learned that a lot of rich kids to to TS, thus they have a great selection of spirits and beer. Second, that you wouldn't expect such a place in the middle of Michigan, thus TS is a little pricey. Third, my prose was colloquial Amish Swiss, lots of little pockets of air surrounded by....cheese...thus we can say that TS is a bar full of air surrounded by....people. I mean that the clientell isn't the most interesting but you wont have to worry about getting into a fight nor having a lot of fun that you don't make yourself. 

2.7 +.05 for classy fireplace, -.05 for not having a mural of Stevens T. Mason, +.5 for Johnny Walker Blue and good service. 

Final Score


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