December 1, 2009

Movie Review: Old Dogs (2009)

You just wiped bear poop on my face.
It happens.

Lore tells us that when Terry Gilliam directed 12 Monkeys he presented Bruce Willis with a list of 'Willisisms' that Director Gilliam had forbade on the shoot. Walt Becker must have heard the tale and gave Robin a list of 'Williamisms' to take on the set with him. In old dogs we never got ad-laugH-racial-stereotype-running-words-together-D Flubber Williams we got Good Will Funny Hunting Williams.

He was cool and collected, sure he cried and went a little 'Patch Adams' on us, but you cant tell a Koala not to scream like a child when you hunt it and you cant tell Robin not to act like a middle-schooler who has missed his calm pill.

The children where as forgettable as the witting and John Travolta was more masculine in 'Hairspray' (Davine would have been perfect in 'Old Dogs'). If you dislike Seth Green as much as I do and like seeing people get hit with golf (in the) balls you will enjoy watching Seth Green in this movie.

Psychological State: Watch this movie after a large meal with the family. Remember, the whole family doesn't need to love it, they just don't have to think that you would rather be somewhere else. See it in the theaters.

My rating of 'Old Dogs' is the same as the quality of witting in this review.

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