January 12, 2010

Andy Dillon

17th District Representative 04-09
Current Speaker of Michigan's House Of Representatives.

Andy Dillon has not yet announced that he will officially be running for Governor, but along time ago he declined funding for his reelection campaign, so I think we all know whats up. Term limits, it seamed but he now has said that he will run for the position.

Andy earned a reputation in Michigan for being one tough cookie, when, in October of 2007, Andy voted in favor of HB 5194. HB 5194 was a bill that increased Michigan's taxes to cover the 2008 budget gap. The measure put in place to replace the Single Business Tax was to increase service taxes. After a long debate and with bi-partisan support HB 5194 passed the House and Senate. Then came the Pig.

The "Michigan's Taxpayers Alliance" an organization set up by Leon Drolet to recall any state law maker who raised taxes in Michigan. You might remember Drolet from the popular Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (Proposal Two). If you don't remember the MCRI you might remember this:

Anyway Drolet, was 779 signatures short of holding the recall election because many were deemed to be either forged or obtained by out of district petitioners. After Terri Lynn Land refused to recount the signatures, Drolet eventually took the case to a Federal judge in Cincinnati who ruled in favor of Drolet. The matter was eventually put on the 2008 ballot and was rejected.

Early Political Image:

It seems that he would be able to go through a tough campaign, but he look's a lot like Mitt Rommney. It would do him well to get into the race NOW and get a real website and campaign! Exploratory comities are good but not ten months away from the election.

It will be interesting to see how much money people give during this race. With the economy the way it has been for the past 10 odd years and large donors tapped out from the Presidential campaign, this might be the year that thrift might get you somewhere.

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