January 11, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Beggars Banquet

Beggar's Banquet
218 Abbot Rd.
East Lansing MI, 48823

Before you read this, I would like to apologize to the staff at Beggar's on Sunday (for not posting this sooner). On with the review:

The hometown yuppie bar, the New England style Emil's of East Lansing, the killah of Vanillah weighing in at 210 pounds in the purple and green shorts is Beggggars Banquet! Ha, well that's enough, B.B. sadly has become my city haunt, not because of the excellent beer, wine and liquor selection, not for the specials (which are amazing), but for the ease of sitting at the bar and ordering a drink without feeling like a loner or a jerk.

I remember the first time I went into Beggar's*, I was 16 and saw the Davetones play for the first time. I thought that they were the best thing since "Space Jam" and Dippin' Dots.** Later in life I found drink specials, snobbery and good beer, when I was in West Michigan. So, when I moved back to Mid-Michigan I never thought that I would keep my expensive tastes, sadly I did, and sadly there was a place to enable me.

The staff is very frendly, especially if you go on a Sunday. It got a little weird when a man at the end of the bar, kept telling the barmaid how to use her degree and would look disparagingly at the other side of the bar every other drag of his cig. After he left there was a diverting conversation including him and a scarf, but I digress. The rest of the evening was just wonderful. Here is a quick little quote from the night that I think bears repeating "The king and all the kings bushmen", I don't really remember what it meant at the time but it must have been really good for me to write it down.

2.9 +.28 for service, +.152 for a replacement beer after shards of glass almost got into my snifter.

Final Score 
3.332 of 4

* Apart from the Sunday brunch after an ELRA soccer game. It's a townie thing. That's right I'm a townie, you want to fight about it? (That's a joke in relation to other bars heavy on the townies)

** I have learned to appreciate one and despise the other. 

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