January 18, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Mulligan's Pub

Mulligan's Pub
1518 Wealthy St. Se.
Grand Rapids, MI, 49501

Did you ever think that you would want the bartender to turn down the music? I knew that I might have, if my ears were not insulated by the layers of smoke emitted by Tom Waits look-a-likes, the biker gang from "Wild Hogs" and the cast of S.P.I.T. This was the first bar that I have, seriously, wanted to start a fight and one of the many that I may never frequent again.

For all of it's faults Mulligan's has decent service when you get your turn at the bar and $4.00 Guinness (dark viscous alcoholic water). I will have to admit, you do get a rush having to clutch your beer to your chest while drugged out Philistines plow their way through your group of friends. The strangest part about Mulligan's isn't the clientèle, that at least is constant, it's the amount of flat-screen televisions lining the walls of the metal pub (I counted six). The saddest part about this review, is the fact that if anyone from the bar reads this, it will not stultify the mollification of their opinions about Awkward Haiku.

Mulligan's proves that punk never died, it just developed a social disease, burned out and began wandering the streets. Yes, in decades to come you will see children dressing up as Punk Rockers for Halloween, Sid and Nancy blockbusters and CBGB reenactments.

1.5, +.05 for service, -.1 for that guy that cut me inline for the bathroom.

Final Score 
1.45 of 4

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