January 25, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Tavern on the Square (Grand Rapids)

Tavern on the Square
100 Ionia Avenue Southwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
616) 456-7673

For the first time, Grand Rapids finally gets something after, Lansing. Well, besides Sundance Used Cars, Mernards Hardware Store, Pancheros, and Jimmy John's. Other than those, Lansing never gets anything first. Located in the old Black Rose, 'Tavern on the Square' is a nice tapas-pub where you actually have to wait for a table and feel bad that you haven't dressed up. Even though you didn't dress up because you couldn't get into any of the other bars, you still feel bad.

Wait a second Matt, are you telling me that "Urban Feast's" first foray into the Grand Rapids bar scene is a franchise? Well not a franchise, just another location. O.K. but why are there pictures of George Washington everywhere and that name doesn't make sense. You have to realize that the location in Lansing is located on Washington Square, hence the name and George Washington motif. As your fictional sounding board, I would have to say that doesn't seem like a very good idea. It's a little confusing to me too, but it's a decent Restur-bar.

If you go there and there are five (or more) of you who attend, I would recommend getting the five tapas for $35 special. If there are less than five, it isn't worth the headache trying to figure out what to get and are eventually disappointed by the mediocrity of the dishes that you just ended up saving $3 on. They all sound good on the menu, crab-cakes and pirogi served with Hungarian paprika (that doesn't mean that it is smoked paprika, just that it's like every other paprika), but when it gets to your plate there is something left to be desired. This food review is unfair because it is based on Lansing's Tavern, so I won't use that against the Grand Rapids' Tavern.

A bright spot for the bar portion of Tavern on the Square are the $2.50-3 microbrews, served in 10oz glasses. Some of you would complain, but you get to drink more beers and are drinking more beer for the money. So lets say you get a $6 pint (16oz) Brooklyn Brown Ale, at another bar, you get a full 20oz for the same price at the GR Tavern.

Final Score 
2.8 of 4

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