January 14, 2010

Pete Hoekstra

US Representative Michigan 2nd District '93-'09

The second district has been known to elect some fairly conservative representatives and Hoekstra is no exception. If George W. Bush decided not to ever be out-Texn'd (vernacular added) Peter Hoekstra has made the same pledge, he will never be out-West Michigandered. Peter, the Christian Reformer Hope graduate born in the Netherlands, after rising to a vice president at Herman Miller decided to campaign for congress by riding his bike across the district. For his dedication, he was rewarded with a victory and another victory until now when he running for Governor.

In his long career in the House, Hoekstra, has developed a strict party line voting record that can be said to represent his district very well. Living in the second district for the most of five years now, unless you follow his twitter you know little about him.

Early Political Image:

Peter's twitter (the only Represenititve or Senator from Michigan with one) has been, both, his best friend and his worst enemy. Back in February, Hoekstra went on a trip to Iraq with Ohio represenititve John Boehner. Which would have been a fine holiday if it wasn't supposed to be a state secret ("Just landed in Baghdad"). If this does not become an attack point in the primaries, you can bet it will be in the general election.

Superficially Hoekstra looks like a Governor, however, when he speaks outside of the halls it's a different story. In his campaign announcement he sounded like a fanboy geeked out to be campaigning for something other than represenititve. I don't know if it was poor directing or something else, but it doesn't feel right. If he continues to use this type of attack rhetoric with this delivery, he will not do well. His opponents will be able to combine these ads with his tweeting dependency and have a great air-head assault against him. It would be 'Look what he did as a represenititve, do you want him to mess up our state too.' We will just have to wait and see.

For now you can see this:

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