January 26, 2010

Reflections and Drinking in Ireland (Part II)

Messrs Maguire (3.00 out of 5)
O’Connell Bridge- Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

The first time we saw the sign for this place, my dad and I were suckers. Of course we were going to bite. Of course we were going to dine there. Of course were going to gloat and often refer to ourselves as “Messrs Maguire.” Of course my dad was going to buy tequila shots for a group of coeds and myself. Crazy stories aside for a moment, the appearance of the bar is pleasing.  Set on the fabled banks of the River Liffey, there are three levels of revelry and a sub-level for private events. Each level had a very handsome bar with luxurious stools. Various parts of each floor are divided into levels of long wood floors at different plateaus.  Add in great décor, various private nooks, and you have a gorgeous establishment that demands  visit. What is not to like? The price is high for luxury. Price is relative in Dublin, as the city is more expensive than New York. Still, your tab can be a turnoff. The pub tries to offset this predicament by offering several taps of their own microbrew for a relatively low 3 Euros a pint. The dinner fare leaves a lot to be desired. They attempt to be too international, trying to master things like curry and failing (it is worth noting that the lunch buffet is traditional and tasty). Also, you will not find an Irish bar tender at this pub; though this can lead to stimulating conversations as well. Being a bit of a tourist trap, you will find people from around the world at Messrs Maguire.

However, it is not always clear what you should do with these people you meet. There is room for conversation, but there is also plenty of room for dancing. To complicate matters, the music is top 40 and piped through an extensive sound system. In other words: you have some bad, drunk white person dancing mixed with awkward stares. The loft-like feel of the upper floors does not inherently lead to the intimacy you would associate with a dark and loud bar. The best bet is to get drunk with a group and take over one of the three main bars. Trust me. I did it. It was awesome, until that Tequila. I ran into a group of students from the London School of Economics. The headliner was a gorgeous Southern Belle from Arkansas (those of you who read my last article see how this is already going bad). Adding Armageddon to Apocalypse was the presence of her boyfriend whom I actually had an instantaneous  ‘Bromance’ with. To forgo the gory details, the next hour included: an odd sense of openness the couple had with me, more Tequila shots, and my horrible misunderstanding of an engagement situation. The result was the Southern Belle being chased through the rainy Dublin night by her German and Japanese friends with her boyfriend shouting into the dark sky and me slinking back to my hotel room. Who knows what adventures Messrs Maguire holds for you. I even got a chance to watch the Stanley Cup Finals the last time I was there. North American hockey would be the last thing on the TV screen at…
The Brazen Head & More.........Next Time!

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