January 4, 2010

Scare Tactics=Most Unethical Show on T.V.

To all you pecker-heads that think I don't like a good scare, your wrong, I do. I love a good scare, I love a good startle, I love a good chortle, what I hate is lying. There is nothing wrong with telling your effeminate friend that you both are going to a desert party, when in fact you're going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with the  Manson family homing in on you, that is just plain fun. Tricking people, though, is beyond the pale.

So your out of work, you can't make last months rent and your roommate tells you that theres a job opening up at 'Aquacorp,' they need a new janitor. What do you do? You take the job, you take it like you would take ham on rye, with excitement. Fast forward six hours, your tired and all you want is a cup of mud and what happens? A midget in a piranha wet-suit jumps out of your mop water and runs amok. You don't know it's a midget, thats a spawn of Satin making a mess of the floor that you just spent six hours mopping and waxing. How long was that thing in there? What is going on? Then your jackass roommate comes out from behind a potted plant and starts giggling like a loon. Being a normal human being, you smile and act like you don't care, but you know that you are going to be out on your ass in a few weeks if you can't make rent and this pecker-head will never know a peaceful moment long as you are on the streets.

Turning people into homeless stalkers is not what I call entertainment.

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