February 5, 2010

Awkward Haiku (tv) Ep. 23 - Parallaxion Promo

Darwin meets Facebook in http://parallaxion.com 's first podcast.

Dr. Todd Disotell, an expert in evolutionary biology, guides us as we look at Facebook through the Darwinian lens. How does the peacock compare to someone's friending habits? Does this lens even totally work for Facebook? Some of this can be found in this short promo piece. The full half hour podcast is available here, or at this vimeo page.

Parallaxion.com is a play of paradigms whose goal is to build an integrative community of monthly experiments in interpretive juxtaposition. By synthesizing through collective exploration one subjective lens and one object of focus, we strive to provoke imagination, integration, insight and empowerment.

Yes, it's a plug for a different site. But the AHtv people edited this, so it seems rather appropriate. Plus it carries the Awkward Haiku stamp--high and low culture blended together to see the world in a fascinated way.

Next week's episode (and yes it will be next week): "The Hands"

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