February 9, 2010

Awkward Haiku (tv) Ep. 24 - The Hands

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Two things stand out to me about this week's episode of Awkward Haiku (tv):

  1. It's very short. Less than 40 seconds short.
  2. It's been posted within a week of last week's. How goofy is that?

So now it's time to watch this epic tale of a battle to the end. To what end? How was it all shot in one take? Who are the combatants? Will you look at that animation? Hey, was that music all legal? Wow! Good job Awkward Haiku (tv)!

Next week (and you got it, it's next week): Ep. 25 - "Gibberish." Which is also the last episode of the season. Next season: everything changes.

1 comment:

Matt said...

their goonbatants, not combatants. Ha.