February 9, 2010

Politics: Virg Bernero Officially Runs for Governor

No big surprise, yesterday, Virg Bernero announced that he was officially running for governor. Finally we will have a good primary race on the Democratic Party side.

This is the first announcement that actually seems planed. Virg has ads, and a webpage right out of the gate. Sure Hokestra's announcement was more extravagant, but, it wasn't timed correctly. Right now, Bernero is the hot ticket and, with well timed press releases, can remain the hot ticket until August 3rd. 

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C Maguire said...

Ahhh, a political post complete with an ad. Anyway, fascinating development. Is Andy Dillon waiting too long to announce. Does he have the political prowess to take Virg in such a media-driven age? Will Virg shoot himself in the foot in such a media-driven age. Tough call on who the GOP runs against a potential Dem. Does it even matter to Cox or Hoekstra? This and more on the next, "Politics? Politics!"