March 2, 2010

2009 Awkward Sports Moment People Actually Cared About Award

Awkward Do Not Have Enough Money to Consistently See Movies Awards:


Awkward Sports Moment People Actually Cared About Award Nominees:

LeGarrette Blount: The Oregon Ducks running back was having a frustrating afternoon at Boise State. Ultimately, his team lost a hotly contested game. Not awkward you say? Well, what about cold-cocking a Boise State linebacker after the game…on national television. Blount had to be escorted off the field by security because he proceeded to try to fight the entire Boise State home crowd of some 50,000. After a long suspension, Blount was reinstated to the team.

Tiger Woods: We will likely never know what exactly happened on that fateful night. This much is sure: Tiger was in a crash, Tiger fled the house after his gorgeous Swedish wife found out he was seeing another woman, Tiger ends up in the hospital and out of the public eye for months. As it turned out, Tiger had been bedding a plethora of women for years. Surprisingly, none of them were nearly as good looking as his wife. Tiger recently emerged from his cave, only to be a robot all over again.

Tigers (the Detroit variety): The Detroit Tigers led the American League Central Division, by a safe margin, for most of the 2009 season. Typical of the Tigers, they figured out a way to let the young, inexperienced and mediocre (but shockingly resilient) Minnesota Twins into the divisional race. Still, the Tigers managed to go 7-3 to end September and seemed poised for the playoffs. Worst -case scenario to end the regular season: Twins go 4-0; Tigers need to go 2-2 to win the division. What actually happened: Twins go 4-0; Tigers go 1-3 and need to play a one-game elimination for the division. Gut-wrenchingly, the Tigers show heart for the first time a week and lose 8-7 in the 12th Inning. Hour before the deciding game, the Associated Press reports that Tiger’s star Miguel Cabrera was arrested by police for drunkenness and domestic violence the previous week before a pivotal loss. Sources close to the team claim that General Manager Dave Dombrowski personally bailed Cabrera out of jail and drove him to the ballpark.

Dennis Rodman: Being on Celebrity Rehab.

WINNER: Dennis Rodman!!!

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