March 2, 2010

Awkward Sized List: Movie'

As I sat steeped in fear
The last movie would grind my gear
"That is is it," I said,
"I will not watch another this year"
And promptly removed myself.

That was December 28th 2009. You will now be lucky enough to read my post about the movies that I watched in 2009 that came out in 2009. Here is what I can remember off the top of my head (and my review of that movie in fewer then ten words):
  • Avatar: Return to Ferngully 
  • The Invention of Lying (You can read my review)
  • Harry Potter: The Half Blood...meh. 
  • Up: The New amazing Pixar installment. 
  • The Blindside: or Help Me Sassy White Lady. 
  • Barbershop: The best movie of 2009. 
  • District 9: Sci-Fi social commentary. 
  • Invictus: Sporting social commentary. 
The best acting this year came from Cristoph Waltz:

Well enough of that.

More importantly, do you like singing vegetables? I have a singing zukini named Signor Bruschino. If you don't know, that was a quote from SCTV Series 4, Cycle Two: (93) The Godfather, which I purchased in 2009. Which is reason enough to talk about it. My favorite episodes from this cycle are:

  • CCCP1
  • Doorway to Hell
  • The Godfather 
  • I'm Taking My Own Head and Screwing it On Right and No Guy's Going to Tell Me it Ain't. 
(Reasoning to be added latter)


David said...

what about (500) days of summer?

Matt said...

I am not speaking about that movie.