April 20, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes Brewing Company
2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

It's a tale that comes from time immemorial. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love, they become engaged. Boy and high school friend go to Cleveland for bachelor party and eat lunch at the Great Lakes Brewing Company. This story, a story I remind you that is as not a new one, is about the high school friend.

We will call the strikingly handsome friend, Matt and we will call the bar, good. GLBC has private dining rooms and a subterranean pub that reminds one of the pub in "Inglorious Bastards" with almost as many Germans. These, were the 'working class' dressed upper middle class middle aged American German, sort of Germans. Not the happy go lucky, card playing celebrating the birth of a child, Nazi, German speaking Germans. Although the similarities in the clientèle were few, I believe the similarity in the beer were not (few). Using the 19th century Dortmunder purity, GLBC has created one of the best lager style beers that Matt had ever tasted; 'Dortmunder Gold'

From that day on Matt also drank lagers.

The End 

2.8 +.5 for meat and cheese plate, -.15 for the guilt trip route the GPS put us on. 


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