April 6, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Michigan Brewing Company

Michigan Brewing Company
402 S. Washington
Lansing, M.I. 48933

Think of a a brewer's pub. Not really a brewpub, a brewer's pub a place designed specifically to showcase the company's product, more of a flagship. If you were me, you would have pictured a of a place with large stainless steel vats, sacks of malt, rye, wheat enclosed in a glass room. The bar is rich, wooden, spacious, lots of brass, lots of taps, at least one gravity tap and comfortable. The dinning room is modest, lowly lit and invites people to indulge. Keep this image in the back of your mind while you read the next part.

 Remember looking for good beer at the store and seeing that one with the Mackinac Bridge on the label?  You may have passed it up, wrote it off as yuppie beer and never returned. That was Michigan Brewing Company beer. The atmosphere and decor of their Lansing pub, on a Monday, reflects that sentiment. A twenty foot ceiling caps pastel walls draped with large 'modern' wall hanging of breweries. Sitting at the bar, one gets the feeling that the brewmaster's nephew got a circ saw for his birthday and wanted to build something. After your mental picture of a brewer's pub has been smashed and you stare at your porter sitting on four coats of light brown, semi-gloss Behr, you think, 'I guess I'll have to drink it now.' You drink, and realize that it is wrong to judge a book by its cover.

The porter was thick, smoky and insane nutty. If it where a woman, it would have been one of my ex-girlfriends (just a joke). The Russian imperial stout delightful punched me in the face and knocked me off my barstool. A snifter will do yah. I hear that they have one of the best burgers in town. I'll keep you updated.

This is one of those split personality bars that needs a split score.

Without factoring beer: 2.7, +.1 for providing a chess set.

Factoring beer: 3.27

 Combined Final Score
2.985 of 4

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