April 4, 2010

Website Contest: athinline.org

As you are well aware of, the Awkward Haiku Community disparages the use of 'texting.' To stay in touch we use a true and tried method of walking up to our interlocutor's domicile and either yelling or throwing a balled up note through an open transom. If the transom is closed we just send a picture message of the intended note.

In our quest to diminish the prevalence of 'texting' in our society we are giving the Awkward Haiku viewing audience a charge. That charge is to write an awkward story about your troubles with 'texting.' The winner will win a DVD of season one of Awkward Haiku (tv), which is only available through winning a contest on Awkwardhaiku.com. 


1. One of every three words must be misspelled. 
2. One full sentence must be in descriptive text type
3. One sentence must be in text messaging phonics.
4. One sentence must use correct grammar, but have no apparent meaning. 

The story should be three sentences or two sentences if you combine any of the two. 

For example: 

[descriptive text type] In the hamlett of Williamson, thre miles from the kounty line an' a mil above te ground, sat a mn in an areoplane. [text messaging] @TEOTD h 1DRED, 'WSCM?'  [grammatical without sense] Who this ma was will nerr concern Ssan Page's cellphone. 

Please leave your entry as a comment.

Winner will be announced in one month and posted to 'Over the Line'

1 comment:

Joey Z said...

Atopp Mt. Erebus, so far remooved frum human contact, Doris (a thinn, ganglee biped) allowed hur legs too engage the tretchurus landscape, assending into the volcanoe. 2G2BT AFAIC d00d! For Jacob, who was renamed Israel, left shredded the felt headed jasmine thief.