May 17, 2010

Respectable Magazine Content Review: GQ: "I'd Tap That: 50 Beers You Need To Try Right Now." Beers 1-5

1. Allagash, ME: Allagash White, Spiced Belgium White Ale. This is an amazing beer and I, with a whole heart, recommend this beer whenever and wherever you can find it.

2. Anchor Brewing Co, CA: Anchor Christmas Ale. Don't know it, don't trust it. They change their recipe every year.

3. Anchor Brewing Co, CA: Lager. Fermenting a lager at warmer temperatures will provide the taster with a different taste, an Ale taste! Stop trying to trick me.

4. BrewDog Smokehead, Scotland: Paradox Smokehead, Imperial Stout aged in an Islay whiskey cask. First, if you are going to tell us about a beer that we ought to drink, write it down. Don't make us guess, and search the Internet to find what the hell you are talking about. Second, I really want to try this beer. Let me know in the comments, to where I can procure said Imperial Stout.

5. Brooklyn Brewing Co, NY: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Have also never had, but I love Local 1.

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