June 8, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Kelly's Downtown

220 S. Washington Sq. 
Lansing, M.I.

As you walk through the oak heavy door, look around and you will find only one television. Thats right only one idiot box on the wall. This is the bar that you wanted to go to when you first started to go to coffee houses and dives. You know, a place that you didn't want to be bothered in, but if someone started to talk, you wouldn't mind joining in. Since this Kelly's is more of a Capital lunch spot, the night crowd thins out and you get a great night cap.

A traditional island bar acts as the visual hub for the rest of the establishment, while bent arrow bow dinning armchairs fan the periphery accompanying equally stunning tables. Kelly's Downtown looks and feels well planned and well run. 

Their Irish whiskey surpasses any bar I have visited so far.You don't notice it at first but when you look at the brands served you see not only the staples, Michal Collins, Jamison and Bushmills (boo), but Powers and Tullamore Dew too. So, if you are in a whiskey mood, have a driver, and don't feel like spending a lot of money then Kelly's Downtown is the bar to visit. It was only $4.75 for a single Powers. 

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Final Score 

3.1 of 4

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It's been open for a while