July 5, 2010

How to be an English Toff: The Monocle Weekly Podcast,

Ever wanted to know how to live the life of Nick Clegg or the Right and Honorable David Cameron? Do you have forty minutes to spare listening to two English toffs and one aloof Canuck blither on about department stores and the declining state of architecture in Beirut? If you said yes to either of those statements then listen up: 


John R said...

it's clegg. proofread your posts.

Concerned said...

seriously! cammeron? claig?!
wha!?! spell!!@!

David said...


Matt said...

Thanks for reading. Now that you have been a force for complaining, Jnoh and Conc, please comment when you have something interesting to say.

I didn't see either of you comment on any other posts, unless I messed up.

No one is getting on my case that I called both Cameron and Clegg Toffs?

The webnet is in a sad state.