July 16, 2010

The Night of the Wild Beaver

Nobody is more excited about tonight's impending Awkward Haiku staff party (Matt and I go drinking and everyone is welcome to come) at the Wild Beaver Saloon on Washington Square in lovely downtown Lansing, MI. Is it because of the skantily clad, dancing waitresses? No, I'll be with wife in tow and have eyes for nobody else. I'm excited to see what Matt does, how he does it, and the aftermath that will be his bar review. Matt is all things old school and conservative; though only when it comes to drinking. How will he react to the Indiana based mini-chains newest, skin-heavy venture? Well, I don't think the bar will cross the hallowed grounds of a 4.0 on the Matt scale. However he reacts, you should read his review then go check out the place yourself. Lansing has been going through a rough patch and we should try and support new investments in the community. This is only Wild Beaver's 4th store (2 in Indiana and the other in Nashville) and their early business model seems to tend towards smaller cities. Like it or not, this is the type of outside interest and investment that Lansing needs if the city is ever to return to something like its hey-day. So head down to Washington Square, try not to oggle, and see if Lansing's newest nightlife addition is right for you.

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