August 24, 2010

AHtv Season 2 Intro

You may or may not have noticed, but we've been pretty bad about AHtv lately. That's Awkward Haiku (tv) if you've forgotten. Life's come up, a crisis in faith has been brought about regarding our commitment to silly documentaries, yadda yadda. But we're finally ready to fix that. Are you ready to receive it? I hope so, because here we come....

For the next eight (8) weeks, we're giving you Season Two of Awkward Haiku (tv)! Every Tuesday, we're posting a new video. More interesting, is that there's a theme to this season. Last season, the theme was just throw anything and everything up (like the rest of Awkward Haiku). This season, the theme is... well, you'll figure it out. But each video will be short, experimental in nature, and influenced by film history. And hopefully pretty/striking/something. Also not all of them will come from a single source. We're bringing in some of the best videomakers across the Awkward Haiku-verse.

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