August 4, 2010

City Market Bar Follow-Up

Great Success!!! There is an operational bar at the Lansing City Market. It is called the Waterfront Bar & Grill. The interior and kitchen remains unfinished. They have a GREAT selection of local beers on tap and in the bottle. The pints go at around $3.00 (a great price downtown). They have a special wherein you can buy any 6 assorted cans of beer for $10.00 (I think they should call it the 'Cheap Date Special'). The proprietors are incredibly friendly. The hours are 11am-11pm and they do a cheap lunch. The facility features an outstanding patio and view of the river. I could really go on but the question still lingers: why has the opening not received more publicity? Well, my deep investigation revealed a few reasons.
First, management wanted the facility open for the Common Ground Festival, even though they were not necessarily prepared to open. Hence, the bar has remained open with improvements ongoing. Second, they are experiencing delays in getting up their signage and finalizing patio plans. As a person who has some experience with commercial real estate issues, I can sympathize with their plight. Third, they plan a grand opening in September and are treating July and August as soft opening months. This is a frequent practice for start up eateries as it allows operational errors to work themselves out (a little Sushi bar in East Lansing called 'San Su' opened this way and that seems to have worked out real well). Does any of this mean you should hold off on frequenting the Waterfront Bar & Grill? Absolutely not! What are you waiting for? Check it out and tell them Colin & Matt sent you.
(I will be defferential to Matt and not give a Bar Review Rating)

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