August 6, 2010

Parsley Parley

Just to forewarn you guys: this is not really a blog post, it's more like a blog rant.

Here's a green initiative for ya:

Sell parsley in smaller bunches for home consumption! No household or home cook can use an entire bunch of parsley before it goes bad! Unless of course, they're having parsley soup, parsley smoothies, parsley pie...

Even with my various life-extending techniques* I still have to throw away at least half of it.

If you know of any parsley farmers, spread the word!

*Try the following:
1. Soak, disinfect (if need be), & rinse.
2. Allow to dry in a sieve or use a salad spinner.
3. Wrap with two paper towels & insert into large ziploc bag.
4. Refrigerate.


Matt said...

Thank you! There is no way that I have ever used more than a third of a bunch.

I smell a petition.

mysouscalledvide said...

I will be happy to pay the same price even. It's just so wasteful!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I always run out too quickly. Parsley salad (with lemon, capers, and olive oil), or make some green sauce, put on bread, potatoes, or beef. Or just garnish more heavy-handedly: parsley isn't just a touch of pretty greenness--it also tastes good.

Matt said...

Do you work for the parsley coalition and have a three pack habit?

For my carrot salad I only put in about a half handful, and thats for a lot of salad. That Parsley salad sounds like it would knock me on my ass.

Sorry about the first zinger It was just something I thought would be funny, I don't really think that you have a smoking habit. Which would be fine if you did, I don't judge.

mysouscalledvide said...

Dear Anonymous,

I do not use parsley solely as a garnish--that would be not only short-sighted, but also so Seventies.

However, I do use it in a variety of applications. Here are a few examples of the many: butter compotes, stuffed mushrooms, felafel, and flounder meunière, omelettes.Tabbouleh and chimichurri are also great ways to use it in large quantities, but I always have a jar of chimichurri around as it is. And, I don't make tabbouleh on a weekly basis.

The largest issue is using an entire bunch of parsley in a week, maximum. Even after three days much of its flavor and taste diminishes. So, on a weekly basis, even as a fan of the herb, I find it difficult to use more than half, in all of my culinary applications. Also, I only use the leaves--perhaps this has something to do with volume perception. I suppose it also depends on the size of the household or the portion.

David said...

A lot of those vegetables come in really wasteful standard sizes. I've even taken to--this is embarrassing--getting dried parsley because at least it doesn't go bad.

I feel ashamed now.

--Dry and Dusty in Nebraska

C Maguire said...

Officially the longest comment thread in Awkward Haiku history.

Subject: Retail Size of Parsley

Reaction: Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray are really on to something.

Matt said...

Sit on it. One more remark like that and you will be looking at a one week suspension. How dare you compare us to those horrible people.

mysouscalledvide said...

Rachel Ray is much, much worse.
At least Martha actually has great recipes and knows how to cook.

Hold onto your horses people, because in December I'll be making Martha's eggnog recipe--which uses around 24 eggs and makes eight liters!

C Maguire said...

Speak to me Martha. Matt, you may sit on it as well. My only intention in the comment was to show that we have really abandoned our peotry and sketch roots. Currently, our focus is on food and drink (recipes, bar reviews, etc.). The funny thing is, we're so much better at this than the old stuff. Admittedly, we should have seen this coming. We have long been known as incredibly discriminating drinkers and diners despite being cheap (though perhaps that is the root cause of our condition). By the way, tenth comment. Double digits!