August 3, 2010

Lansing City Market: Why is this not a bigger deal???

The new Lansing City Market has been open for a few months now. It will remind you little of the old building. That's a good thing because it now comes across as a legitimate source for everyday shopping and needs. Yet, it seems to be a whole lot more. Uncle John's Cider Mill, and ever popular Mid-Michigan Brand, has established a branch for its bakery and spirits. Sample their wonderful fruit wines and new brands of Hard Cider (Apple, Pear, Cherry-Apple). What is more, there is some kind of restaurant on the riverside. Though I only darted in for a few minutes, I observed a handsome wooden bar surrounded by tables. The bar appeared to have a fine tap selection. Why was I not informed?!?! This has to be the softest opening of a bar/restaurant I can imagine. Has there been advertising? Even the City Market's website says the place in "Coming Soon." Maybe the place is good, maybe not. However, you cannot deny the geographic importance of a bar, right on the riverfront and between Washington Square and Old Town. Could this be the lynch pin to a safe, fun, and connected entertainment district in Lansing? Has anyone heard what the hours are?

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