August 2, 2010

State Primaries Tomorrow: Gubenatorials Race Takes Center Stage

C.C. Colin Maguire officially supports the following two candidates:
Rep. Pete Hoekstra (GOP) & Mayor Virg Bernero (Democratic Party)
It should be a very exciting race in both parties. Bernero is polling close with Dillion. Hoekstra is in a 4-way thunderdome match with most Republican voters undecided. Though I am a conservative, I am almost to the point of Libertarian at this juncture. As you may know, you can only fill out one side of the primary ballot (either GOP of Democrat). In my past ballots, I have voted straight-ticket Republican. However, the GOP race is so splintered I am tempted to vote as a Democrat for Virg. It is a difficult gamble. I like both candidates and a vote for Hoekstra could mean be extremely critical for his success or a huge waste. On the contrary, I know that a vote for Virg will be helpful to him against Dillion. The polling on the GOP side is incredibly vague. Frankly, I cannot think of a primary election I have studied that was this splintered since the Civil War era (I'm sure similar and more recent examples exists but none jump to mind). To put this in context, there are 3 major candidates for the GOP (plus Mike Bouchard sitting at 10%). Nobody can safely claim 25% of the vote and around 14% of voters are still undecided. We may well be headed to a run-off unless political underdog Rick Snyder pulls a major coup tomorrow (he is technically leading in the polls but, again, this means little). Bernero is in better shape. He holds a roughly 40% stake in the polls to Dillon's roughly 32%. Theoretically, Dillion would have to get 67% of the undecided votes to win whereas Bernero would only have to receive 39%. Important times for Michigan and important decisions. This GOP race is intense and there is the distinct possibility that a loser in the primary may seek election anyway. In an election year where many consider the GOP nominee a lock to win the general election, could this log-jam create an opportunity for Mayor Bernero to take the state? Thoughts? Comments?

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