August 14, 2010

Things to do Today

- Wake up
-Close blinds
-Practice yoga
-Make porridge. If I did not purchase porridge, again, microwave bean burrito.
-Read newspaper while eating burrito.
-Make hat or boat out of newspaper depending on day.
-Take bath with boat or hat
-Put on pants (maybe)
-Make cheesy nachos
-Watch these shows, in this order:
1. Eureka
2. Psyc
3. Warehouse 13
4. White Collar
5. Burn Notice
6. My Boys
- Borrow money from various acquaintanceships
- Finish that Murakami book
- Finish Ham on Rye (I think sandwiches ought to be referred to as proper nouns)
- Order porridge.
- Don't order portage, again.
- Call temp agency and ask if they will let me back on the list.
- Leave funny joke on their voice mail.
- Call back during business hours.
- Make martini
-Watch Mad Men
- Push clothes off bed
- Make sure bed is not another pile of clothes.
- Sleep in space by moved clothes.

Based on "List of Things to do Today" by Jack Handey

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