August 12, 2010

Water Front Bar & Grill (City Market, Lansing, Michigan)

A Michigan-produced hard cider on tap is indicative of the theme at the Water Front Bar & Grill. Though you will find enough highly recognizable beers on can or tap (Labatt Blue, Bud Light, Stella Artois, Guinness), its the local selections that takes the cake. The proprietors keep an ever flowing selection of local brews in the fridge and (here's where I find it impressive) dominating the taps. Michigan Brewing Company, Bell's, North Peak, Detroit Brewing, etc. are represented well; along with Midwest stand-bys Goose Island and Great Lakes B.C. Their food service is still a work in progress but almost all of the ingredients are garnered from the host facility: the Lansing City Market. The plan is to offer a simple but tasty lunch option and then go Michigan-style Tapas for dinner. Outstanding! The bar was cozy and busy on a week night while featuring a reputable clientele. If you want my opinion, visit while there still exists the concept that this is a relatively unknown commodity. The atmosphere gives the feel of a really good after-party but one should go there early. The bar closes at 11pm (classy in my opinion) and is well worth any trip. The Lansing State Journal has also published an article regarding the opening (and snapped the picture above), here is a link to that article:
Bravo LSJ! You took the first picture! They also wrote a pleasant article void of typos and filled with fun facts. However, we broke the news kind of, sort of, first. At least, we launched the first investigative report into the issue. With David and I catching these exclusive breaks, I predict Awkward Haiku will be responsible for breaking some kind of scandalous headline within the next year. Anyway, the bar rocks and you should go.

Score: (4.5 out of 5) Music and game-watching capabilities are, as of yet, unknowns.

Your turn Matt!

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