September 20, 2010

Monday Bar Review: Paul Revere's Tavern

Paul Revere's Tavern
2703 E. Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823

It's the 90's and it's 10 PM. You, your parents and your siblings are driving to that God forsaken little cabin you timeshare with three other families on that lake that smells like goose poop in the Town and Country. Your only solace is the Game Gear your cousin lost in the minivan the last time the jerk stayed at your house. You beat Surf Ninjas about an hour ago and Sonic III is taking it's toll in your batteries, the good news is, the van is stopping. The twins have to go to the bathroom and Dad looks like he just finished watching a Tarkovsky film, you think, even though you haven't seen his face for over five hours and don't know who Tarkovsky is yet.

The vehicle stops in front of a small town bar. Everyone stretches while stumbling out, except for the twins, who race to the bathroom. Twins; it's always a competition. Who can drink the most water the fastest, who can hold it the longest, who can get to the bathroom first and it's not even interesting. Now that is settled (the more normal twin won, but the weird one will not let the other forget about that thing), you all sit at a table. Mom goes to the bar, because she says she needs a nightcap and Dad dutifully sits at the table glaring at Mom while he orders a hamburger and a coffee. The waitress comes back with a tray full of cheese fries (it's the only thing the twins will eat) Dad's order and your weird Rubin. Soggy lettuce is not the same thing as kraut. It's your own fault, what the hell is an eight year old doing ordering a Rubin in the first place much-less  in a small town dive.

As one enters Paul Revere's one is immediately transformed into that eight year old ordering a wet Rubin. One's energy is sapped and sees all the people around you who know each other and don't know us. "I'll have an IPA" and some soggy domestic posing as an IPA sits in front of you. This time, however, you drink it instead of cross the street to buy more batteries to beat Zone 4 and the world wakes anew. No more are you 'that kid', you get to be 'some guy' (who took a keen interest to the fact that the bar used to spin in the 60's and asked to many questions).

Paul Revere's Tavern is a great haunt that was able to inspire an image such as the one above. In defense of the tavern, you can order one of 12 micro-brews on tap and enjoy decent drink specials through out the week.

2.75 of 4 
$ Cheap

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adam said...

better than the peanut barrel...but not by much