October 19, 2010

An Open Letter to Comedy Death-Ray

Dear Mr. Scott Aukerman and Recent Death-Ray Comedy Radio with Scott Aukerman Guests (73,74 and 75),

I am writing you this email from an internet cafe in Madrid, since this is costing me money I will get to the point. As an American representative of the Spanish Olympic Organizing Committee I have little time to myself.  I enjoy watching the Spanish version of 2 1/2 Men while I iron my mail. I do not watch it as an escape into asinine pubescence from the war zone that is my life, but for the sheer willpower it must take to produce 2 1/2 Men for eight seasons.

I draw strength from knowing how every week the writers boldly open  random pages in joke books and feed them into the computer, indifferent to the fact that they get paid. One cannot feel any emotion but compassion for the crew when Jon Cryer tells an unscripted pun that makes Charlie Sheen squint and relive himself, on set. Who is it that cleans the floor or replaces the prop whiskey with grain alcohol? I know it isn't the crew anymore, then who? I am genuinely curious.

If you or your guests wish to continue to malign 2 1/2 men, please remember the sacrifice and determination that goes into each episode.

Still a big fan,

Fernando K

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