October 13, 2010

A Wednesday Movie Review: Easy A (2010)

"More like an Easy F. As in the rating. Not...ohh ha ha because that kind of ties into the movie."- Me, just now.

From the minds that brought you, "Bring it On," and "Fired Up,"With the assistant location manager of "EdTV" and the genius cinematographer of "Notorious," AH proudly presents the review of the movie "Easy A" staring "Emma Stone (III)."

I was amazed by this movie. How is it that a group of adults get together and decide to spend $8,000,000 to depict a teenage girl 'fake' prostitute herself, as a comedy? As a drama I could see this winning Golden Globes, but as a teen comedy, it stinks. I know that it has already grossed $42,000,000, but that doesn't matter morally. Making a halfassed movie is just wrong. I, like the movie, will not indulge your better tastes and readership by explaining myself. This movie was so bad that I don't even have anything pithy to say.

The one stand out line was to Olive's (Emma Stone) adopted brother by Stanley Tucci (the adopted child's father):
    "So where are you from originally?"

Lets say that you are late to every other movie and then see that Easy A has an offset time, and say "what the hell." DON'T. My God, do not.

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David said...

Matt: You're more conservative than John Paul McCain

The movie sucked though.

Emma Stone (III) was fine however