November 12, 2010

2009-10 Bro-Comedy Tournament

22 teams will be competing, head to head, over the next two month to determine the best bro-comedy of the past two years. As you can see my definition of a 'bro' comedy is a very loose one, this is to ensure a comprehensive and fair go for all the movies. With this many teams we created sub-genres for the bro-comedy. When there are only three team in a division the first two will play the final team head to head.  The divisions will play each other in the following order:

1. Buddy Road Trip vs. Law Enforcement 

2. Historical Fantasy vs. Romantic Involvement 

3. Group Troupe vs. Independent 

Then the winner of the quarterfinal goes into a round robin semifinal. So 1 will play 3 the winner will play 2, the winner of the second round will play the loser of the first round. If the loser of the first round wins the third round then the the winner is the winner of the first round.

See divisions after the jump

Buddy Road Trip
Miss March
Due Date
Get Him to the Greek

Law Enforcement 
Observe and Report
Cop Out
The Other Guys

Historical Fantasy 
Land of the Lost
Year One
The Invention of Lying

The Hangover
Hot Tub Time Machine

Romantic Involvement 
I Love You Man
500 Days of Summer
Couples Retreat
Dinner for Schmucks

Gentleman Broncos
Mystery Team
Jackass 3D

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