November 2, 2010

The Politics of Green

So never mind, here is a time sensitive piece about elections that I need to get out before the polls close. Please see the first link to this, it is hysterical:

Super Tuesday approaches with renewed vigor. 2010 is allegedly an “off-year” election because the presidency is not up for grabs. Still, you wouldn’t know politics is not supposed to be exciting here in Michigan. I suspect the same is true in many parts of the country. With hotly contested elections abounding, political ads have sunk to, perhaps, an all-time low. Though, if you want to give Canada credit for being the best at anything besides hockey you should take a moment to check out the dirtiest ad of the political year:

In many elections, the issues do not come down to whether a candidate has kicked an adolescent in the face. In fact, environmental positions are becoming more prevalent. In fact, these positions on the environment are so expected that they are starting to have their own nuances you have to be aware of. No more is the argument “tree-huggers” vs. “clear-cutters”. Now, the arguments hinge on issues like what type of alternative energy should we invest in? What kinds of clean air standards are acceptable? Candidates’ positions are best read at their source. You’re going to want to visit their official websites and read what they say.

For the purposes of our exercise today, I have selected the Michigan Gubernatorial race. This race pits Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero (D) against successful Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder (R). What is unique about this race is that both candidates are socially moderate to liberal on most issues. Even more unique, the Republican in this race probably has made headway through his environmental position. To give you a little bit of background on one of the more unlikely match-ups in the country. Bernero is a seasoned politician with great flair. His exploits on CNN and MSNBC in defense of General Motors earned him the nickname, “America’s Angriest Mayor.” Snyder is the former CEO of Gateway Computers and has about as much flair as Jennifer Anniston’s character in Office Space: the minimum. A self professed nerd, Snyder rose from humble beginnings by being a child savant and earning a Masters at University of Michigan before his mid-twenties. Sadly, neither has been accused of being a witch.

The final disclaimer is that Bernero is far behind Snyder in the polls but I think their policies on conservation and energy is worth taking a look at.

Here is the link to Bernero’s platform:

Here is the link to Snyder’s platform:

Just a thought for a reality TV show: Governor Snyder: Revenge of the Nerds!

Mr. Maguire is the Membership Director & a Certification Specialist at SERF. He holds a degree in Political Science from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. If you’ve never heard of it that’s okay, Paul Newman never rode a bike down the middle of your campus naked. Mr. Maguire has had the pleasure of meeting both candidates mentioned in this piece. He has also had the pleasure of visiting Canada and knowing Canadians. Frankly, who knew they had it in them to be so mean on Somebody hired a ringer.

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