December 9, 2010

The Adventures of Cr. X, Part V

Five years after the launch of Thirsty Meal, the first Dirty Mic is dead. A hooker in Kansas City took too much angel dust on an empty stomach and had an adverse reaction.  Her killing spree took her to Dirty Mic’s compound where she poisoned his heart, with a knife. Worse could not have happened to a better man, well accept Frank Lloyd Wright. As the company rules dictated the body of our hero was dumped off a pier on the south side of the river, the same way the original Dirty Mic was buried. The passing of Dirty Mic the First immediately sparked a power vacuum at Chickorp.
Everyone and his son had a cocktail napkin written by Dirty Mic the first giving its bearer the company if anything should go wrong. Since most of the companies official documents where written on cocktail napkins, it was company policy to accept any bar paper as a legally binding contract. Dirty Mic’s snobby jerk of a son brought in a will on a real piece of paper, ruining the tournament for everyone. 

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