December 12, 2010

The Adventures of Cr. X, Part VI

The name of Dirty Mic’s bastard of a child has been lost to time in memoriam or that everyone has been calling him Dirty Mic the Second for so long that no one remembers.  Dirty Mic II was a slick son of a bitch. He was a part of the new drunk generation, who only got drunk during lunch and after work. These ‘hipsters’ (named so for their hip-flasks), would get all hopped up on ‘Energy Meal’ during lunch and complete more work than anyone else on the farm and not even have to sleep one off. Eventually hipsters found out that by buying their regulator real booze, they would often receive a raise and a promotion.  It was this crowd that was around while X began working, but he tried to do things the old fashioned way, which brought him neither respect nor pity. 

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