January 15, 2011

My Dinner With Andre

(A followup to the "Andre Tasting Guide" published 2 weeks back)

Well well, you gentle reader probably assumed that Andre guide wouldn't be put to use, did you? How wrong you were. Andre Guide become like Andre Gide--a piece of history. For on December 30th, Awkward Haiku held its very own Andre Tasting. What follows is a serious of original documents from My Dinner with Andre, photos courtesy of Kato Potato. Please refer to the Andre Tasting Guide for more detail:
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Each of us found one of these at our table, in the spirit of Andre:

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After a reading of the introduction, and a quick oohing and ahhing over the pairings provided (including goldfish swimming in Cheezits, Twizzlers, and mini-Charleston Chews), we began!

We followed the order of the tasting guide, and experimented with pairing. A strange discovery involved the Cold Duck. Apparently it was best paired with a twizzler (or red vine depending on your taste), dunked in the wine and used as a straw. Remember folks, bite off both ends! While there was some criticism of the Cold Duck by the resident snobs, all agreed it was the among the most daringly colored. And succeeded at its efforts. In fact, looking at the comment cards, it did end up with the highest overall score...

We received this comment from our food critic a few days back about the Barefoot, which seems worth quoting:

mysouscalledvide Said,
At dinner the other night, I spoke with an extraordinary, seasoned sommelier and he strongly disagreed about the unicorn tears as a pairing. Apparently, the name "barefoot" is a disguised eponym of salamander toes. The Gallo family once owned a salamander farm, but due to economic difficulties and an outbreak of smallpox in the salamander colony, they were forced to become a winery.
The Gallo family highly recommends free-range red salamander toes, which proffer a slightly bitter taste, comparable to that of campari, to go with their highly prized moscato.
So there you have it. Sadly, we only had goldfish. Those were pretty good though.

A few more bottles, heated discussion, and profound olefactory sensations later, we began to deliberate over our comment cards.

However, the comment cards were inconclusive. Apparently many of us used different scales/stopped using scales midway through. Here at the lab we puzzled over the best way to present them, but decided that the original format was the only way. If you can decipher the meanings and the winners, then you're eligible for a prize. First place is allowed to buy us a bottle of anything--that isn't bubbly that is.

And that's that! Join us next year for our Smirnoff tasting.

(oh and p.s.:happy 600 posts Awkward Haiku)

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Yels said...

Alas, a good time was had by all despite the inexplicable inflation of ratings halfway through. In my occasionally humble opinion, Cold Duck was the surprise favorite. The mini Charleston chews made for the best breakfast snack the following day.