March 16, 2011

Matt and David Talk about "Community."

David: i want to do a back to back community and spaced thing sometime
i wouldn't know
i haven't watched community in forever either
last i saw chevy chase had taken some strange turns
which didn't make sense
but whatever
it's community
Matt: yeah, it's not high art
Matt: I guess for a sitcom it should at least be considered such.
David: wellll...
Matt: yes?
David: i've told you my issue with community before, right?
wherein most of it feels like things happen because they have to happen to make it conform to a plot, not because it makes any sense
too much time thinking about how "tv shows work" and not enough paying attention to what's actually going on
ya know?
Matt: yeah I do but it is still fun.
Sent at 11:24 AM on Wednesday
David: absolutely
i like it a lot
but i wish the writers spent less time forcing characters through situations, and more time letting the characters guide it
Sent at 11:27 AM on Wednesday
Matt: On the other side of that we have Seinfeld, a decent enough show, but still not as good, in my opinion, as community
each show is an event
Sent at 11:28 AM on Wednesday
Matt: rather than people just doing things. It's a hyper reality.
like all art
but not exactly in the same way
David: sure
but it strains between the situations and the people
and i think the strain is too much at times
we analyzed it enough?
Matt: yep time to post it

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