May 26, 2011

Waterfront Bar & Grille: Giving credit to Awkward Haiku

What a difference a few months makes. My review on the Waterfront Bar & Grille at Lansing City Market was incomplete as of August 2010. I am happy to report that I was prophetic in my predictions. The local flavor bar stands as among the best in Lansing. Everyone you talk to hears good things and eveyone who patronizes the establishment leaves well satisfied.

They now have a nice and functional website where you can check out all their reviews:


To summarize the progress of the bar, you have to break it down into catagories:

1. Drink: Still as eclectic as ever with a strong Michigan influence. They have expanded their range to include classics like Pilsner Urquell (THE original pilsner out of the Czech Republic) on tap, which is a special drinking experience, and relative hot newcomers like McSorley's Ale in bottles. They also run wine specials on certain nights where you can purchase a nice bottle for only $10.

2. Food: Soups, salads, sandwiches, and the like. Sounds simple but it is all incredibly fresh and tasty. Any of their choices prove filling and they are not afraid to go adventurous with their soups (something I'm a big fan of). It may cost you a couple buck more than McDonald's or Subway but it is a relaxed, tasty, and economical alternative to Troppo or Enso.

3. Setting: The inside area is small so you should aim for early dinner if you want a seat in the cold months. As I predicted, the place is incredibly popular with a loyal clientel. I've even had to strain for a seat at 7pm on a Tuesday in February. I am happy to report from the propreitor that they more than broke even over the winter months; which is certianly a bonus for an outdoor themed bar. The outdoor area features a great view of the river and the surrounding new development. There is a large tented area should rain arrive. The future of the patio promises to be a revelation in Lansing dining. Not only will an additional bar be built in the sizeable space, but a brick pizza oven will crank out fresh ingridient pies in the warmer months.

Case and point, get yourself to the Waterfront Bar & Grille. If not other time, please come on June 28th to the Grand River Connection Networking Night for Young Professionals from 6-8pm. Hope to see you there.

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