August 18, 2011

David and Matt Talk About T.V.

6:19 PM 
David: matty
6:21 PM Matt: dizzy d
6:22 PM If I have to watch one more ad on the internet I'm going to shoot myself
6:23 PM David: yeah i tried watching hulu earlier
  it sucks
 Matt: Not in the head or anything
 David: friends with benefits is a terrible tv show
  but i like the cast
  so i sat through episode 1
 Matt: how was it?
 David: it was pretty bad
6:24 PM Matt: that sucks
 David: very typical sitcom
 Matt: Louie is on tonight
 David: nice!
 Matt: that is not a typical sitcom
 David: that's a great show
  that's one of my faves right now
6:25 PM Matt: It makes me really happy
  just that it exists, and it being awesome is an added bonus
  how would you explain it?
  I am having a really hard time explaining it to people
6:26 PM David: give a brilliant bitter comedian a tv show where he has total creative control -- writes, directs, acts, edits, composes for
  and with no oversight
  so sometimes its not even funny, it's just him trying things
6:27 PM Matt: yeah! the subway episode
  the whole episode was a set up for him blowing an opportunity to get laid
6:28 PM and just the subway bit was awesome
  and funny
  What do you think of Wilfred?
6:31 PM oh and here is that Kid Sister song I've been into:

6:33 PM 

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