January 29, 2011

Post-Ironic Devotional: Collective Nouns

Ever look at a group of things, birds or mammals or fish, are at a loss for what to call that grouping of individual things and up resorting to the term "set." So next time you encounter a group of the following list of things or are so bored in a social setting that you start thinking about oddities in the English language and are bold enough to interrupt the conversation about some inane t.v. program you have never seen but seems to be keeping the interest of the girl/guy you have been talking to half the night better than anything you said. So, it might just be time to jump ship and what better way to tell a girl/guy that you are no longer interested in trying than with a good list of collective nouns:

Crows - Everyone knows a group of crows is called a murder, so let someone else say it
Owls-A parliament of owls
Ravens - An unkindness of ravens
Hummingbirds, Goldfinches, Finches, Magpies can all be called a charm.
Nightingales - A watch of nightingales
Sparrows - A host of sparrows
Seagulls - A cloud of seagulls  
Bears - A sloth/sleuth of bears
Cheetahs - A coalition of cheetahs
Mice - A mischief of mice
Swine/Hogs/Pigs - A dolt of swine (domesticated) or a sounder of hogs (wild)
Polar Bears - An aurora of Polar bears  
Unicorns - A blessing of unicorns
Bass - A fleet of bass
Trout - A hover of trout
Hermits - An observance of Hermits
Hunters - A blast of hunters
Metallurgists - An amalgamation of metallurgists 
Birthers- An annoyance of birthers
Clerks - A school of clerks

 Most of these come from this website I just picked out the best.

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mysouscalledvide said...

This is great! I have been doing this on instagram for various bird varietals.

An aurora of polar bears is really great. As is an observance of Hermits (what about hermit crabs?)