December 20, 2012

The Way Back Machine: Matt's Predictions about 2010

It is the end of 2012 which is a good time to see if any of my predictions about the prior year had come true. Sometimes it takes three years for a fad to flourish into a part of the culture or just fade away.

At the end of 2009 I had made a list of five fads that will go out of style in the post: The Beginning of the End: Top 5 Harbinger from 2009.

Prediction 1:
That Zooey Deschanel,  would fall from that special place in the hearts of millions of nerdy men. Her wave hit it's crest in 2009 with 500 days of summer. In 2010 she was in two Funny or Die videos and one short film. Now in '12 she is back with "New Girl" which, I have to say, is fun. Damn you, the tide is rolling back in. 

Prediction 2: 
Pork and Bacon craze will putter out. Since I no longer read magazines, I say that it ended abruptly and without protest. 

Prediction 3:
Saying '0h ten instead of 2010 is over. It only happened twice anywhere, at anytime. 

Prediction 4:
"The waning of nostalgia/irony driving tastes and humor" 
I think that soon we will be able to take down that plaque from the mantle. We are all humans and nostalgia will always be around to color our future from hues of the past, but learn from their mistakes (*cough* cocaine). 

Prediction 4:
Mac vs. PC. I predicted that this will end and neither side would win. The last parody of those commercials I saw was for the Conan Show, this year. I don't know if this counts as an ironic reference to an old fad or a tired honest reprisal of a dead joke.

Prediction 5 or 6:
Young folks will no longer go to the 'city' to find themselves. You don't have to go to LA or NYC to find yourself or your career, stay local. Go to a midsize city, work at a co-op, brew your own beer, live with 6 or 12 roommates. I kid. As long as young folks feel trapped in their small towns they will swing the population pendulum. 

Final Tally: 
3 for 6 


mysouscalledvide said...

Big fan of no. 5 or 6

Maybe it doesn't need to be a mid-sized town, or a small one, but even an underrated big city is better than an overrated one. I'll let NY reinvent itself, then move there.

mysouscalledvide said...

I'm a big fan of living in Charleston or somewhere like that.

I think this concept has caught on with places like Portland and Austin.

mysouscalledvide said...

Oh and by the way, is Seattle really as great as it seems on Frasier?

I recall an episode:

Frasier: What say we go celebrate with a nice dinner at an exclusive boite?
Niles: Yes, but the question remains, what boite?
Frasier: Charise?
Niles: Too noisy.
Frasier: Alsace?
Niles: Too bright.
Frasier: Papillion?
Niles: Too crowded.
Frasier: We've run out of boites.
Niles: A city this size and only three boites.
Frasier: How do we live?

Matt said...

@mysouscalledvide I can only imagine it to be that great.

My goodness, you have out done me. It is up to us to make Mich/Tex even better.