January 12, 2013

Chateau Paveil de Luze 2007 Margaux

I began my drive home tonight fully expecting to open a bottle of cheap Beaujolais, polish off the remaining edam that I had in the fridge and finish reading, "Mr. Monk is a Mess" by Lee Goldberg. Somewhere between Creyts road and US 127 I talked myself into opening my Chateau Paviel de Luze '07 (Bordeaux, Margaux).

The bottle and cork where in good shape. Initially all I could taste where minerals, but after an hour of decanting this '07 Margaux it really came to life. On the nose I could still sense the minerals from before, but added are hints of berries. While tasting the wine those hints of mixed berries turned into a light strawberry and strong blueberry, with marble veins coursing through out the wine. It has long finish and a mouth feel that hits all the right notes. 

Do yourself a favor, put this wine in your rack and talk yourself into it. 

(If you have any comments about my assessment please do not hesitate to respond.)

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