January 19, 2013

Zepaltas Pinot Noir Russian River 2011

     If you are old enough to be reading this essay of a 2011 Russian River Pinot Noir then you are old enough to know who the White Stripes are. If you are familiar with their music, then you know that they are instantly accessible and their sound is fresh each time it vibrates in your ear drums. The same can be said for Zepaltas'  2011 Russian River Pinot Noir (but in the chemical reaction with in the nose and mouth).
     The backbone and the back-beat of the Stripes is the warm and demure Meg. The addictive orange flavor and the smooth mouth feel reminds me of Meg's heart warming contribution to the band. Even though Meg/orange is a contributor to this wine/band we all know who the real star is; Jack/Clove. The clove spice mixed with the natural acidity of Pinot Noir kicks you in the face each time you come back to your glass. This wine is real early morning stuff.
     If you can find it, only three hundred and twenty five cases where made, I would recommend going out and buying one or two bottles.

ABV: 13.5
Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California,

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