February 9, 2013

Chateau Larose Trintaudon, Haut-Medoc, 2006

    It's a decent Bordeaux. Opened quickly, with in the half hour, and lasts about as long. At first the tannins are tight and you can only really get the raspberry. As the wine opens up you can taste ripe strawberry and granite.
     Growing up in the fruit basket of the Midwest, picking massive amounts of strawberries in the late summer was a thing you did. We didn't think of it as eliminating work for a mobile American workforce, just a good time. Anyway, you see a dark red strawberry about the size of a Quarter. You pick it and put it in the bucket because your mom told you to save them for the jam. You eat the larger one next to it. The larger one is good, nice and ripe, not overly juicy  but not as good as the one you will be eating when you get home (sorry, your little brother ends up eating it). 
    This is that second strawberry, you don't have to wait to enjoy it and it is better than you expect. This is a good value wine, perfect for a dinner party or a simple get together. At the party, simply open Chateau Larose Trintaudon along with another wine you would drink directly. This should give it more than enough time to open up. It will last for at least an hour. 

60% Cabernet Sauvignon 40% Merlot
ABV: 13%
Cases Made: 79,165 
List Price: $23

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