February 28, 2013

Kila, Vins El Cap, Cava, Spain, 2010

I'm enjoying this wine. Wait, that's wrong. I am QUITE enjoying this sparkling wine.There is good effervescence and almost a buttery mouth feel. There is a taste of citrus and unripe red apple. The only problem is that the pedigree doesn't match the taste. 

Most sparkling wines at this price, including Cavas, are non-vintage (NV) wines. They are NV for a good reason. If you have an off vintage, you can blend it with another, better, vintage. Poor growing conditions for the grapes that are sourced for the wine will create a less than ideal product. For vintage Cava, this is a problem. 

OK, if you want a full history go to the wiki page, it is quite a good lesson. It is an estate grown wine that sat on it's lees for 12 months. The secondary fermentation occurred in the bottle it was shipped in. That is enough to expect an above average Cava. It is good. Do not mistake my hesitance for disdain  Kila Cava is growing on me as write this article. 

In summation, when plan on hosting a brunch or a dinner party, pick up two or three bottles of Kila Cava.

Remember, I do not write reviews of wines that I will not recommend. 

ABV: 11,5
Should be accessible in most regions. 
List Price: $9-$
11 White Blend: 35% Macabeo, 30% Xarel-lo, 20% Parellada 15% Chardonnay

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