February 25, 2013

La Loge, 70km South of Bordeaux, Red Blend, 2010

Thin, watery and full of Cabernet Franc. This wine only hits the back pallet  dries out the rest of your mouth and makes you look like you need to be given oxygen straight away.

If you want to learn the difference between wines that are "mis en bouteille au chateau" (bottled at the winery that made the wine) and "mis en bruteille a la propriete" (a blend of wines from different producers) La Loge is a perfect example. This wine is flat, acidic and uninspired. It kind of has the Merlot based feel, it only reminds me of Bordeaux.

Take a flyer on it!

(On reflection latter that day, I enjoyed this wine better than a Big Cabernet that I overpaid for)

La Loge
ABV: 13,5%
Cases Made: A Lot!
List Price: $7.99

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