February 18, 2013

Lai Lai, Bio Bio Valley, Yumbel Estate, Chile, Pinot Noir, 2010

At it's base level Pinot Noir ought to exhibit or imitate cherry flavors. I will not lampoon this wine, so yes it is astringent and acidic, but it does meet the basic cherry flavorings.

Let's be honest, no, I'll be honest, I'm the one who drank this wine so I will be speaking only for myself and not the royal 'us.'

Let Me be honest, I picked this wine because I thought it was cool to try a Pinot Noir from Chile. At $13 it isn't too much to spend to drink alone. Please do not share this wine, and if you do decide to share, please only in paring it with fatty foods.

 I pared it with Drunken Goat cheese and Lai Lai was obliterated. A soft, not too gamy goat cheese kicked the crap out of a thin and acidic Pinot Noir. I like light and lacy Pinot Noir, but thin is almost watered down. Lai Lai is also a single vineyard wine. That bit of trivia only makes the whole tale that more tragic.

Single vineyard Piont Noir usually is known to have a special quality of the soil imbued into the grape. If the root stock has grown deep enough and the soil rich in interesting minerals, then those qualities will be reflected in the grape and ultimately in the wine. In the hands of a master brewer this could be decent.

ABV: 13.5%
Cases Made: 2,000+...?
List Price: $12

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